Digital Journal Prompt Deck


Expand your self-awareness, enhance your emotional health, and strengthen your intuitive intelligence with this life-changing deck of 75 journal prompt cards.


This incredible deck of journal prompt cards is comprised of quotes, questions, and mini visualizations specifically chosen to expand your self-awareness.

You can use the cards like a Tarot deck and select them intuitively, you can pick one that you resonate with on any given day, you can tuck them into the pockets of your journal, you can put certain prompts on your alter or manifestation board, or you can turn them into a game and involve friends and family. However you choose to use this one-of-a-kind deck, my hope is simply that it creates greater self-love within you and the world at large.

This deck is a DIGITAL product – nothing will be sent to you in the mail.

It is up to you to print and cut the cards.

You will receive the nine digital files via email after purchasing.

I strongly suggest printing your files on high quality cardstock so that they last as long as possible.



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