Raven Relics is officially on Patreon!


So, what is Patreon?

It's a membership based platform that allows passionate artists like myself to actually make a living doing what they love.

Every creator has their own unique financial tiers that people like yourself can join, in order to become paying patrons.
For example, I have three tiers that you can chose from: $1, $5, or $15 per month.

What do you get out of it, besides the emotional reward of supporting an artist?
To use Patreon's own words, you receive benefits!
The higher the tier you join, the more benefits you receive.

It's that simple!
Interested in learning more?

Click the link below to visit my Patreon account, and scroll down to see my Distinguished Patrons list!



Distinguished Patrons of Raven Relics

Below you'll find a list of my most supportive patrons, to whom I am exceptionally grateful.

Whether you are an Amethyst, Obsidian, or Quartz tier patron, you are more appreciated than you know.

My dream is only reality because of all of you!

But I want to provide a special, designated place to ackowledge those who have given me the most in return for my work.

Your active support fills my heart with joy every day, and from that, I can create the most amazing things.

Thank you, always.

Distinguished Patrons:

Phyllis Scott

Debbie Walter