Celtic Carpetbook 3.0 10

Every single book is made from the highest quality materials:

-Professional bookbinder's board for the covers

-Archival grade adhesive

-100% Irish linen waxed thread or upholstery thread

-And 50lb drawing paper.

Every single sheet of paper is individually coffee dyed for an aged effect. In addition, baking soda is added to the coffee, which reduces acidity and preserves the integrity of the paper over time. It is best to stick to a basic black/blue pen or a pencil when writing and sketching in your journal.


I hand-stitch all of my journals using the ancient binding method known as Coptic Stitch.

Coptic Stitch creates an "open spine" effect -

this allows the spine to be very flexible yet very strong, and best of all, it allows the book to lay completely flat when open.

This means a flat and smooth writing surface with every page!

The gorgeous, chain-like stitches are an element of design in and of themselves, and make these books stand out from every other one on the shelf.

Blue french keepsake 3
pretty paper


Below are some basic examples of my journals.

The first row of photos captures a completely blank journal - front cover, inside front cover, and inside back cover.

The second row of photos captures three different journals, and gives an idea of the details I often to add so a journal is not entirely blank.

Baby blue velvet journal 1
Baby blue velvet journal 2
Baby blue velvet journal 4
Parisian witch journal 1
Blue french keepsake 9
Medieval journal two 8

I can create a journal with any style or theme,

but ultimately, these books are an extension of myself.

My favorite styles include:

Celtic, Medieval, Baroque/French, Old World Eclectic and Victorian/Gothic.

I like all things a little dark, mysterious, and of course, ancient.