Emily is the only person I would actively seek out for help on my healing journey. I trust her implicitly. Her vibration is incredibly high and pure, making connecting with Source seem effortless for her and channeling comes second nature. She is wise beyond her years and is not only a great person to be around but one of the best to be vulnerable with. It has been such a profound experience to have her so easily channel aspects of myself that need to be brought up for healing. I can't even begin to explain how amazing the changes are that these sessions have brought on a soul level. After only the second session I felt sunshine in my soul again for the first time since I was 3. What a paradigm shift! If you're someone who is ready to do the hard work of validating and working through your deepseeded fears and traumas, I highly recommend seeking Emily out. She's second to none.


I would highly recommend this reading as it’s thoroughly explained and goes into detail about everything. It was easy to read and covered everything it says it does. I would definitely recommend this as it’s helped me sort things out in my life when I didn’t even know the root problem before. Thank you very much, and your customer service and kindness above all really stands out to me compared to others I’ve talked to.