Hi there!
My name is Emily, and I am the creator of Raven Relics.
Here is a little bit of my story and my journey to becoming the artist that I am today.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy!
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When I was in late elementary school, I was one of the many kids obsessed with The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies. Before that, I was captivated by The Neverending Story, and it’s epic, esoteric drama. But I was particularly obsessed with the BOOKS featured in these movies – the larger than life, leather-bound, ancient tomes, containing mysteries long-forgotten. In order for me to be closer to these realms of fantasy and magic, I knew I needed to create books like these for myself!

So, in 7th grade, I became a volunteer book-mender at my local library. I figured that book-mending was close enough to book-making that I would have a decent shot at creating my dream books within a few months of practice. Well, I was wrong. Making a book is not really something you can just decide to do one afternoon and accomplish the next. But I stuck with it, and continued book-mending until I graduated from high-school.

My college years distracted me from myself, as they do for so many, and I dropped book-mending completely. My focus was in fact on another artistic pursuit, Irish dancing, and had been for many years. I was a competitive Irish dancer for over a decade, and during that time it was my sole concentration, to the degree that it eventually pushed my love of book-mending/making completely aside. But in 2013, the year I graduated college, I started to realize that I had essentially danced my heart out, and I needed to rediscover myself in something else…. But what?

Fast-forward through a few years of feeling lost, depressed, anxious, going through the highest highs and the lowest lows, and here I am - living out my dream, making my goals a reality. How am I managing it? Well, in addition to being passionate about designing journals, I am also passionate about self-awareness and emotional health. I am a certified yoga instructor and a certified Intuitive Eating Coach amongst other things. Ever since I could read, I have naturally gravitated to that place where spirituality, philosophy, and psychology meet. Combine that with consistent intuitive/psychic experiences throughout my entire life, and you get someone who spends all their free time watching Byron Katie workshops and meditating…. ME. I am particularly focused on doing what is known as shadow work, which just means working with your subconscious mind, but that’s for another time.

In a nutshell, through daily emotional healing, shadow work and endless journaling, I rediscovered myself, and in doing so, rediscovered my long-forgotten love of making magical books. I also realized that I had been consistently keeping a journal since middle school (still do to this day), therefore my original passion had literally been right under my nose the entire time! And eventually, I connected the final dot – I knew that the truest expression of my purpose and my joy would be to provide journal prompts with the journals. Inspiration and introspection. It’s all the ways I want to impact the world, done in the way I want to do it, tied up in a perfect little package with a bow on top.

In terms of my style, it can be a little surreal at times. I love ancient, dark, mysterious and magical themes.

But regardless of the theme, my focus is always on one thing:

Am I happy?

Until the day comes that I stop making books (which is looking like... never),

you can be sure that your journal was made from total joy, inspiration and love.