Hello! My name is Emily. I am an intuitive consultant and book artisan, dedicated to helping others feel more fulfilled by their lives. Through enhanced self-awareness, and thereby living more authentically, I believe anyone can find greater peace and joy within themselves.

I have been continuously passionate about spirituality, philosophy, psychology, metaphysical subjects, and the deepest of universal questions for my entire life. Every day after school, if I wasn’t doing something creative, I was reading or watching anything I could get my hands on that was even remotely spiritually oriented – feng shui, near death experiences, astrology, auras, ancient history, dreams, animal totems, numerology, Dr. Emoto’s water experiments, you name it!



On top of this inherent curiosity, I have been intuitive/energetically sensitive for my entire life. As a very young child, I was aware of vortex energy and had incredibly vivid, complex dreams which I always remembered completely. Around the age of thirteen I started to see orbs of light and, what I called, columns of mist (which I now know to be energy entities, or spirits). At fifteen, I experienced my first premonition dream, and I started to recognize just how sensitive I was to the energy of other people. Eventually, I became aware of my ever-growing ability to see auras, both with my physical eyes and my mind's eye, as well as my inherent ability to channel. These intuitive abilities combined with my various interests made my purpose in life very evident to me from the start. But sadly, for fear of judgement, I didn’t let myself entertain the notion of turning these passions into a career. I was afraid that people would not take me seriously or would think I was crazy. So I quickly pushed those ideas into my subconscious mind, and moved forward trying to adhere to a more “normal” course of action.

I graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor’s degree in French, but when the time came to start applying for jobs, I realized that my path could not be so straightforward. My heart, my soul, and my intuition simply would not let me continue down this very practical, yet inauthentic route. I began the journey back to my essence by receiving my yoga teacher certification and a couple years later I also received my Intuitive Eating certification. I enjoyed teaching both, but something was not quite right; something was missing. It took years of endless searching for me to realize that my passion did not exist somewhere “out there” – it existed within me. Making a long story short, the key in the end for me was self-awareness; that was the doorway through which all else fell into place. By practicing specific self-awareness techniques on a daily basis, I gained the clarity and confidence that I was so desperately seeking, and was finally able to embrace the totality of who I am, including my intuitive abilities and my creativity. Self-awareness gave me the gift of remembering who I truly was, and as a result, the organic and joyous motivation to embody that truth to its fullest extent.

As the saying goes, I have turned my struggles into my strengths. Throughout my life I suffered from extreme and chronic dieting, a terrible body image, severe anxiety and depression, complete lack of self-worth or boundaries, extremely frustrating money blocks, and went through a (very common) phase of feeling totally lost. I now know that all of my struggles had the exact same root – being disconnected from my truth, on both the biggest and smallest of scales. But today, I live in a state of empowerment, all because I live in alignment with my authenticity. I follow my joy, I know how to work with any emotions that may come up, I strengthen my intuitive abilities on a daily basis, and I lose track of time creating one of a kind, handmade journals. In short, I practice what I preach. I live in alignment with my truth, and this business, Raven Relics, is a natural extension of that truth.

This is, of course, an extremely abridged version of my story, but I think the point is clear: the chronic problems that we deal with are in fact not the real problems at all – they are symptoms; symptoms of disowned, forgotten truth. I want you to know that no matter how bad or how long you have been struggling, you can permanently transform any and all aspects of your life by cultivating a greater state of self-awareness, and by working with your emotions rather than against them.

You have been looking outside of yourself for all the answers, but I’m here to tell you that the wisdom within you is your greatest teacher.