A Blessing in Disguise

Did you know that your struggle (whatever that may be) is actually serving you a profound purpose?
There is a reason why the struggle is there. Your struggle did not manifest out of thin air. It did not manifest in a vacuum. There was a series of experiences you went through that led you to develop the negative habit (the struggle) you now have – you were not born with it. In a nutshell, you had, and continue to have, needs that were not/are not met, and that you don’t know how to meet yourself. So you do the best you can to feel better using the wrong tools. Overeating, drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, etc… All of these things and more can make you feel better… for a little bit. But the underlying need is never met, and so you must return to these detrimental habits over and over to cope with a life that feels less than great. What does this mean?
It means that if the underlying needs are actually met, the bad habits and addictions will naturally fall away. In this sense, you can view your struggle as a sign; an arrow pointing you to the places within yourself that need attention and care. Your struggle is truly a blessing in disguise.
You may be thinking, nope! My problem is only willpower. Nothing seriously traumatic happened in my life. I overeat simply because food tastes good. I just need to dedicate myself to portion control or calorie counting. I completely understand this mindset, because I once thought like that too. I was so sure that I was simply defected. I just loved food too much. I was just gluttonous. That’s it. But that was not it, and that’s not it for anyone.
Sure, we may overeat because we’re numbed out/dumbed out in front of the TV not paying attention to our bodies, but the question is, WHY are we doing that in the first place? If watching TV were in and of itself what we truly wanted to be doing at that moment and was the result of us caring about how we feel/following our joy, then watching TV would be enough! You’ve experienced it before – watching a show or movie that you truly love and are enthralled by is enough to capture your attention without a single thought of food. But, if you were to listen to your body/your intuition, and it told you that what would feel best would be to go read a book in bed, then not even your favorite movie of all time could hold your attention for long. Restless boredom would eventually ensue, and then… bam! The first thought of food pops up, and the battle begins.
This is why your struggle is your blessing. It’s telling you something isn’t right. It’s telling you to stop and to listen. It’s telling you that you’re off-course. The struggle, the dysfunction, is your only way of coping with being uncomfortable, even mildly so. But here’s the thing – you have all the power within you to change your life forever, and you have it right now. This is why my passion is giving people the tools to hear and then follow their own truth, whatever that may be, and as a result, live a life that actually feels good.
You don’t need to use anything to feel better when you already feel better.

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